Audience is proud to offer the SE version of the highly regarded Au24 series audio cables. Audience has always eschewed the jewelry aspect of audio connectors and instead placed emphasis on those with the best possible sound. In the same engineering spirit of its predecessors the new SE cables represent significantly advanced products.  The new connectors are lower mass and improved metallurgy resulting in a big step forward in the reproduction of music. In terms of audible performance, SE cables are nothing short of breathtaking. While all of the sonic attributes which have made Au24 cables the favorites of music lovers the world over, the new SE cables offer much more transparency, a more convincing  sound stage and better focus than ever before. The end result is a wholesale upgrade in performance over the Au24 e models.  

As our loyal customers know about Audience, we do not change models for the simple sake of change, we only make changes when a true performance breakthrough can be achieved. We guarantee that you will experience a very large degree of improvement when you install Au24 SE cables in your system.  

Existing Au24 and Au24 e cables can be upgraded to SE for a nominal charge. (See

Given the extremely fragile nature of the phono signal, every effort must be pursued in order to preserve the integrity of that signal throughout the signal path. One area where the signal can suffer significant damage and loss is in the phono cable. Cartridge output levels are quite low, typically in the 3-5 millivolt range and often as low as 100 microvolts. Our use of continuous cast high-purity copper as well as low loss cable geometry preserves the purity of this low level signal. Consumers often choose a phono cable based upon brand recognition alone. However, such a choice can inadvertently compromise a phono playback system due to mismatched impedance characteristics between cartridge and cable.

Audience has conducted considerable research into the electrical characteristics of phono cables and has concluded that a single cable cannot possibly serve as an optimal tone arm to phono stage interface. The different internal electrical characteristics of phono cartridges make choosing a cable designed to preserve and enhance those characteristics an all important issue. By choosing the wrong cable you can lose precious low level detail information that is essential to the overall sonic presentation.

For these reasons, Audience offers vinyl lovers a choice of three impedance-matched phono cables. Each model is designed to carefully optimize the electrical characteristics of the cartridge to the cable and to preserve signal flow to the phono stage without detrimental influences as follows:

Low Z – for moving coil cartridges with internal resistance up to 30 ohms.

High Z – for moving coil cartridges with internal resistance between 30 and 100 ohms.

MM – for all cartridges with internal resistance above 100 ohms which includes moving coil cartridges rated at 47k ohms and most moving magnet or moving iron models.
Additionally,  the thousands of crystalline barriers present in all conventional copper wire requires energy to pass from one barrier to the next.  This energy, which is part of the signal becomes lost in this process. When dealing with ultra low level signals, particularly in phono cables, these harmful crystal barriers are significant impediments to the transmission of critical musical information. For this reason all Audience phono cables are constructed using the highest purity oxygen free continuous cast copper.

1. Au24 SE Low Z Phono Cable - designed for low output moving coil cartridges with less than 30 ohms internal resistance. It offers the vinyl lover an optimized signal path to the phono stage without compromising the delicate phono level signal.

2. Au24 SE High Z Phono Cable - designed for low output moving coil cartridges with more than 30 ohms internal resistance. If offers the vinyl love an optimized signal path to the phono stage without compromising the delicate phono level signal.

3. Au24 SE MM Phono Cable - designed to provide a high-performance low capacitance (30 pf/m) and low distortion signal path for your moving magnet, moving iron or high output moving coil cartridge.

All Audience phono cables are available with the following termination options:

   a. RCA to RCA
   b. Straight 5 pin DIN to RCA
   c. Right Angle 5 pin DIN to RCA
   d. Tinned leads to RCA (for tone ams with captive phono cables)